What is Holdkey ?

Holdkey is a Windows program that makes it easy to type characters with accents.
No more hassle with alt codes or other time consuming methods to create characters like : é à ø ü € ß ñ ï ç ö ę ğ and many many more.

Holdkey has a learning curve of about 1 minute, just type like you always do until you need a character with an accent, then hold the character for half a second, a small window with several character variations appears, then choose the one you want. Holdkey runs in the background and works with almost all programs.
Here is a screenshot and a Video to get the idea.

With Holdkey Pro you can create characters with accents even faster. Just type the accent you want twice followed by the character. You will love it and never want to use any other way.

Holdkey has several ways to type characters and symbols. the Pro version offers extended features. See the quick reference for all key combinations.

Holdkey Freeware and Holdkey Pro

The freeware version offers the basic Holdkey functions. The Holdkey program does not contain adware, toolbars or other things you did not ask for. Holdkey can be uninstalled easily. Holdkey is available for windows 7, 8, 10, xp and Vista.
Holdkey pro can be registered for just $ 6,95 Here

Holdkey Pro is also available in the Microsoft app store with a 30 day free trial.

Download HoldKey PRO

Holdkey version 4.0

Holdkey in the media

"Holdkey is a great idea. For people who regularly make use of the extended character set or symbols, it could prove quite useful"   Full article Here

"According to the developer, the application has a learning curve of 1 minute. We found this claim to be perfectly accurate"   Full article Here

"Overall, Holdkey is awesome."
Full article Here

"No more rummaging through Windows character map, Holdkey is fast, easy and highly effective"
Full article Here

"Holdkey helps to create special characters with every application, even while working with Internet"
Full article Here

Typing Characters Made Easy!
  • No more alt codes
  • 1 minute learning curve
  • All Windows versions
HoldKey Interface

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